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Project Youth Heart

Screening Towards a Cure!






Early Response Imaging offers MRI service partnerships and licensing that create more robust profit margins for all sized practices that desire safe medical imaging.  While other companies provide only imaging hardware, ERI embeds staff, providing a complete turnkey MRI solution that delivers the best patient throughput model in the industry. Driven by efficiency, ERI’s clinical ROI model is much less prone to economic pressure. ERI white paper production and continued MRI research also provide multiple marketing outlets for our professional clientele.


                                            ERI’s UNIQUE MRI OFFERING

ERI has invested 8 years of R&D and testing to understand the imaging markets successes and shortfalls.  In that time, ERI has been able to make real strides in the use of MRI that has lead to our ability to offer a truly unique MRI product:

  • The “10 Minute MRI”
  • True Turn-key MRI Solution
    • Operation of the MRI
    • State of the Art MRI Scanner
    • Infrastructure to scan, store, and distribute medical data
    • MRI Techs to operate the scanner and manage patient comfort
    • Staffing to manage the patient experience
  • Offer specialty screening opportunities
  • Provide unparalleled patient throughput


Bottom line,  WE DELIVER PROFIT!